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Multiecuscan [2018]
Multiecuscan [2018]
Diagnostic software

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Quote:Year / Release Date : 2018
Version : 4.2
System Requirements : Windows XP or later, .NET Framework 2.0 or later
Interface language : Multilingual (Russian is present)
Tabletka : present

Multiecuscan is a vehicle diagnostic software with advanced features. Allows you to perform various diagnostic tasks on supported vehicles / modules

Add. Information :
To use the software you need an interface. Currently, the software supports the following interfaces: KL (also known as VagCom 409), ELM327 (1.3 or later), OBDKey 1.40, OBDLink, ELM Scan 5, CANtieCAR. The Bluetooth interfaces OBDKey, ELM 327 and OBDLink are fully supported, but not recommended for special functions (such as PROXI alignment, remote control programming, IMA encoding, etc.)! CANtieCAR is a professional multi-protocol interface with multiplexing capabilities.

- Run the "SetupMultiecuscan42.msi";
- Follow the prompts of the installer.

Breaking into:
- Deny the program access to the network using "firewall" (if the installation was done in the default directory, you can use the script "add_firewall_rule.bat");

- Using "a-mes42crk":
1. Copy the contents of the ". \ A-mes42crk" directory to the porggram directory and create an empty "reg" directory;
2. Run "mes42.exe", click the "Create reg-file ..." button and close the program;
3. Import the registry file ". \ Reg \ mes42.reg";
4. Now you need to run the program through "mes42.exe" (administrator rights will be requested automatically).

- Using "b-mes42crk":
1. First time run "mes42.exe" as a regular user in a writable directory. If “SN” and “HDD VSN” are displayed, click “Compute”. If “HW ID” is displayed, the files “mes42hash.dat” and “mes42.reg” must be created in the same folder;
2. Import the generated regfile;
3. Now copy the patch files (all) and the created files to the program folder;
4. Run "mes42" as administrator and check the login dialog. After that, run the program through "mes42" as administrator. If you forgot to start the bootloader and it became unregistered, import regfile again.

- If an error occurs when connecting to the adapter, after starting the program, you must close the "cracker" window. For convenience, you can use the script "launcher.bat" (copy to the program directory and run instead of mes42.exe with administrator rights).

TORRENT FILE | Single Extraction | Real Screen Shots
Password: auto-epc.org

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