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Original Mercedes EPC/WIS/ASRA User’s Installation Guide
Dear all,

Here you find Original Mercedes EPC/WIS/ASRA User’s Installation Guide.


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Hi all,

sorry if i`m wrong here, but i don`t know where to put that. I got a 2010/02 WIS EPC copy, install went okay, i can see all the things i need to see (basic admin tools and IE administration). But if i click on Programs WIS/ASRA to start the Java applet it loads 100% and then just wanishes... so i looked again into the EWA Admin tool and it seems that i have no database installed. The thing is, i don`t have anything else than what i`ve got. If i try to install a database it wants more CDs/DVDs from me that i do not have. Do i need to install a basic all-included version, like let`s say 2008/something and then update and update higher and higher? Or is there a catch i don`t see?

Thanks for any ideas and again sorry if this is the wrong place for such questions.

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In english, please
Use translater if you don't speak english

Al inicio de la instalación coloqué el modo monousuario y no me ha dejado instalar el programa. He tratado por todos los medios de remover esa instrucción y no ha sido posible. Por favor, si alguien me puede ayudar????

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volvo truck aiuto grazie installazione guida Volvo Impact Buses & Lorries (04.2011) grazie

In english please!!!!!
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thkx for this up
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hi, i think this is the right place where to ask a little advice (did not want to PM some mod because sombody else might also encounter similar problem.

Ok, i installed mercedes EPC, WIS, ASRA 2011, EWA version: the program installation went perfectly:
Supported version of Java Webstart found.
Supported version of Internet Explorer found.
Supported version of Windows found.
EPC, WIS/ASRA is completely supported. Additional functionalities are available under Download.
NOW: EWA admintool CORE tab says ewa web server started- green light and also user database started- green light.
Then i installed epc database - everything went perfectly, igot the database installed, but i got red light: EPC database is stopped! If i click start epc database, some window flashes and NOTHING! Still red light, but it shows it has DW 07/2011baseline and DW 07/2011 archive. Sidenote: under CORE tab, if i click stop the web server- NOTHING happens. Still green light!

Please help, i have read all the guides, i could get my hand on, but could not find solution.
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(09-06-2011, 04:43 AM)rabihhammoud Wrote:  Dear all,

Here you find Original Mercedes EPC/WIS/ASRA User’s Installation Guide.


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