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DAS 2010 installation guide
DAS 2010 installation guide

1. Install Windows XP with service pack 3 and create two users with administrator privileges OWNER and STAR.

2. Partition your hard drive like this:

C: 10 GB (drive label: Star)

D: 6 GB (drive label: Recover)

E: 12 GB (drive label: Wis)

F: 30GB (drive label: Das)

You can use any partitioning software, but make sure drive letters match! If you are looking for partitioning software, EASUS Partition Master Home Edition is free and should do the job.

3. Set your date to be approx. one month after DAS DVD release.

4. Run unattended.bat file and follow it's instructions.

5. Place the DAS DVD into laptop drive.

6. Launch G:\stardiag\setup.exe file (assuming your DVD drive letter is G). Once installation starts, ignore log file error and error -6003 (if it occurs). Just press OK to continue installation process.

7. Once your DAS will be installed, do not press finish button to reboot your computer. Launch file after installation.bat.

8. Navigate to: Control panel > System > Hardware > Device manager > Ports (COM & LPT) and disable all COM ports except the one you will be using. Right click on that COM port you have left enabled and and select Properties.

Go to Port Settings tab and set these values:

Bits per second: 115200

Data bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop bits: 1

Flow Control : None

Then click on Advanced... button and make sure Use FIFO buffers are checked and COM Port Number is set to COM2.

Press OK and go to Resources tab.

In resources uncheck Use automatic settings and select a value from Setting based on: field which will give you these resources:

I/O Range 03E8-03EF

IRQ 04

Press OK and close Device manager.

9. Reboot your computer. If you find your STAR user account is locked then try this password: User$star2004. If it does not work, log into your other account (OWNER) and remove the password for user STAR.

10. If you will need to apply any DAS fixes, you will find them in DAS fixes folder.

Enjoy All !!!!

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Thank You sir

Is it same for DAS 2011???
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Can put a fresh links? Smile
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What is over is wrong!
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I checked the links given from you and all is down. Another link? Thank you for response

HELP the fourm as we did , Donate NOW !
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Is it same for DAS 2012? Im new in this and i use the vmware but i whant to intsal all the components in my hard drive if anywan can help me whit a pdf. or somfing that will show me how to do this for all components :das ,wis, xentry..etc.thx
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