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ACTIA Multi-Di@g v40.141 [II-2017]
ACTIA Multi-Di@g v40.141 [II-2017]
Diagnostic tool

[Image: 9fxvmu.jpg]
[Image: 303cmqf.jpg]
[Image: 6eox08.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: c9505082cdbb6d8e221ebb7b3bceed41.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: image.jpg]

Quote:Region: All regions
Languages: English, German (MultiLang)
Type: Diagnostic tool
Version: v40.141
OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD  
Year: 2017
Date of update: II/2017
License: High

Ideal for the independent garage wanting a truly multi-make diagnostic tool giving in-depth diagnostics on a wide range of European-manufactured cars.

The Access kit is Windows-based, and can connect to any Windows PC or laptop with a USB port (subject to minimum specification).

Direct access to all diagnostics features

With Multi-Diag, you don’t have to be an electronics expert. All features are just a few mouse clicks away via the intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Multi-Diag guides the operator step by step through the job ahead :servicing, wheels and suspension, brakes, air conditioning, anti-pollution, car body, and engine. The workshop mode lets you perform bull’s-eye diagnostics every time.

An expert mode providing advanced ECU diagnostics, physical measurements and configuration capabilities is also available.

MD_ReportAutomatic vehicle detection

As soon as you connect the OBD plug, Multi-Diag automatically identifies the vehicle* (no more manual data entry). Then, a mouse click takes you straight to the diagnostics page matching the make and model of the vehicle.

* Available on vehicles fitted with an EOBD socket.

BTN_express_diagThe Express Diag feature and Diagnostics Report
The Express Diag feature lets you run a comprehensive test across all ECUs in the vehicle in just 1 click. This feature lets you check the vehicle’s electronic status in a few minutes and then prints out a Diagnostics Report. This Diagnostics Report is automatically customisable with your workshop name and details, lists the ECUs tested and gives a detailed rundown of ALL errors identified.

Compatible with [Image: 282kbc.png]

Torrent file | Single Extraction | Real Screen Shots

Attached Files
ACTIA Multi-Di@g v40.141 [II-2017]
File Type: .zip
Downloaded: 10 times
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[Image: e002l0.gif] 
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