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OP-COM 08/2010 MULTI - wacko - 10-21-2011

[Image: tuZlu.jpg]
OP-COM 08/2010 MULTI

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RE: OP-COM 08/2010 MULTI - r0my81 - 11-01-2011

What is this program for? thats wacko!

RE: OP-COM 08/2010 MULTI - haussys - 11-03-2011

what is the purpose of this software?

RE: OP-COM 08/2010 MULTI - Masto - 11-06-2011

Quote:OP-COM OPCOM OP COM DIAGNOSE USB V081016EN & V090420GER supports many control units, like Engine, Automatic Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Engine Cooling module, Instrument Cluster, Electronic Climate Control, Body Control Unit, just to name a few examples. Since Opel uses many pin in the OBD connector, the diagnostic interface works as a multiplexer, and selects the appropriate pin for communication. PIN3, PIN7, PIN8, PIN12 = Serial Link (ISO9141, KW81, KW82, KWP2000) NEW V090420

found this on google.

RE: OP-COM 08/2010 MULTI - john345 - 05-24-2012

is this the same as vaux com?


RE: OP-COM 08/2010 MULTI - Geri - 12-02-2012

Links are dead on both sites.

RE: OP-COM 08/2010 MULTI - siersciuch - 11-30-2013

In attached file you can find fresh link for op-com multi lang.