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Bit Torrent downloads
Is it possible to have files available via Bit Torrent? I have just returned to the forum after it being away and it looks nice however, when I click on the download icon in the post, once I click on the links in the txt file, the message returned is "File not found or deleted". I have donated a small amount to your forum as it as worked for me in the past. I would also continue to donate regularly if the forum works for me. I dont really want to donate and pay for downloading files. A solution to this would be to offer a torrent download section in a VIP section (VIP= people who donate say 15 euro for a months worth of content). Also, in a VIP section, you could release downloads to VIP's for say 1 week before releasing in general forum. Only VIP would have access to torrent downloads. I have seen this work on other forum boards which I use. The benefit is two fold. Firstly, you get more people to donate to your monthly costs of running the forum/paying server bills etc. Secondly, your VIP donors get option of faster downloads. We donate to you so we dont have to pay to download files! Win/Win situation!
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Torrents are not so good ,because if there are no seeder you can´t download...
it is also i security problem , about the p2p network...

one click hoster like rapidshare are until now offers full speed without a limit .. also with free acounts...

there are some other fast OC Hoster with max dowload speed too...


and some more ...

uploaders make DLC container for JDOWNLOADER , simplest way to download big count of files... i use it since some years and it works wonderfull..
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Hello ,
i understand what both of you thinkking about ..
but the Normal forum will be reuploaded soon .. so no more dead links .. just ppl be peacint with us .. we cant do that in one day ..
we just recovered the forum , and put it on .. now we will work to make all the links alive .
best regrads
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good work guys
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